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Auriculotemporal syndrome in Adult
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Auriculotemporal syndrome in Adult

Contributors: Carolyn Zyloney MD, Richard L. Barbano MD, PhD
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Auriculotemporal syndrome (also known as Frey syndrome or gustatory sweating syndrome) is a rare neurologic disorder of autonomic dysreflexia producing hyperhidrosis and facial flushing. This condition is thought to be the result of an injury to the parasympathetic nerves of the face or neck near the parotid glands, causing the nerves to aberrantly regenerate and innervate superficial blood vessels and sweat glands rather than the salivary glands.

Auriculotemporal syndrome often occurs after facial surgery or trauma. Up to 60% of patients can develop this syndrome after parotid gland surgery. Onset of symptoms can occur in the immediate postoperative period or may be delayed for several months after surgery.

The main sign is gustatory sweating, which is excessive sweating in the facial and periauricular areas after eating (especially foods that produce a strong salivary response such as sour, spicy, or salty foods). Flushing and erythema may also occur. Cases range from mild to severe.

Anticholinergics or antihidrotics are the first course of treatment.

Related topic: Hyperhidrosis


G50.8 – Other disorders of trigeminal nerve

45294007 – Auriculotemporal Syndrome

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Differential Diagnosis & Pitfalls

  • Paraneoplastic autonomic neuropathy
  • Migraine headache
  • Herpes zoster
  • External jugular thrombosis
  • Paroxysmal hemicranias (see Hemicrania continua)
  • Relapsing polychondritis
  • Red ear syndrome
  • Trigeminal autonomic cephalgias
  • Harlequin syndrome – causes absence of skin sweating and flushing in the unilateral face and chest

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Auriculotemporal syndrome in Adult
A medical illustration showing key findings of Auriculotemporal syndrome : Facial flushing, Erythema, Facial sweating
Clinical image of Auriculotemporal syndrome - imageId=4815673. Click to open in gallery.  caption: 'Flushing of the cheek.'
Flushing of the cheek.
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