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DDx Strength: Weak
Commissure of lips, Rash or multiple lesions, 50-59 year old Female

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Angular cheilitisAngular cheilitis
Lip-licking dermatitisLip-licking dermatitis
Orofacial herpes simplex virusOrofacial herpes simplex virus
Secondary syphilisSecondary syphilis
Actinic cheilitisActinic cheilitis
Allergic contact dermatitisAllergic contact dermatitis
Common wartCommon wart
Molluscum contagiosumMolluscum contagiosum
Perioral dermatitisPerioral dermatitis
Seborrheic dermatitisSeborrheic dermatitis
Oral candidiasisOral candidiasis
Fixed drug eruptionFixed drug eruption
Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasisChronic mucocutaneous candidiasis
Elastosis perforans serpiginosaElastosis perforans serpiginosa
Primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma
Skin and oral mucosal manifestations of COVID-19
Endemic syphilisEndemic syphilis
Fordyce spotsFordyce spots
Herpes simplex virusHerpes simplex virus
Postinflammatory hypopigmentationPostinflammatory hypopigmentation
Tinea facieiTinea faciei
Pyostomatitis vegetansPyostomatitis vegetans
Arthropod bite or stingArthropod bite or sting
Irritant contact dermatitisIrritant contact dermatitis
Postinflammatory hyperpigmentationPostinflammatory hyperpigmentation
Acne vulgarisAcne vulgaris
Exogenous ochronosisExogenous ochronosis
Keratinocytic epidermal nevusKeratinocytic epidermal nevus
Skin bacterial abscessSkin bacterial abscess
Mucous membrane pemphigoidMucous membrane pemphigoid
Cutaneous squamous cell carcinomaCutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
Oral melanotic maculeOral melanotic macule
Oral mucosal wartOral mucosal wart
Oral squamous cell carcinomaOral squamous cell carcinoma
Superficial basal cell carcinomaSuperficial basal cell carcinoma
Primary syphilisPrimary syphilis
Vitamin B2 deficiencyVitamin B2 deficiency
Epidermoid cystEpidermoid cyst
Atypical nevusAtypical nevus
Squamous cell carcinoma in situSquamous cell carcinoma in situ
Venous lakeVenous lake
Chemotherapy-induced mucositisChemotherapy-induced mucositis
Oral mucoceleOral mucocele
Traumatic oral ulcerTraumatic oral ulcer
Oral lichen planusOral lichen planus
Oral papillomaOral papilloma
Oral varicesOral varices
Malignant salivary gland tumorMalignant salivary gland tumor
Melkersson-Rosenthal syndromeMelkersson-Rosenthal syndrome
Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
Oral lupus erythematosusOral lupus erythematosus