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DDx Strength: Weak
thioguanine, Rash or multiple lesions, 50-59 year old Female

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Exanthematous drug eruptionExanthematous drug eruption
Drug-induced photosensitive reactionDrug-induced photosensitive reaction
Drug-induced hepatotoxicity
Drug-induced phototoxic reactionDrug-induced phototoxic reaction
Myelodysplastic syndromes
Pruritus ani
Pruritus without rashPruritus without rash
Neutrophilic eccrine hidradenitisNeutrophilic eccrine hidradenitis
Toxic erythema of chemotherapy
Eczematous drug eruption
Drug-induced photoallergic reactionDrug-induced photoallergic reaction
Herpes zosterHerpes zoster
Acral erythemaAcral erythema
Drug-induced diarrhea
Drug-induced nausea or vomiting
Acute pancreatitis
Chemotherapy-induced mucositisChemotherapy-induced mucositis
Drug-induced alopeciaDrug-induced alopecia
Drug-induced arthralgia
Drug-induced headache
Drug-induced leukopenia
Half and half nail syndromeHalf and half nail syndrome
Drug-induced hyperlipasemia
Drug-induced splenomegaly
Portal hypertension
Sinusoidal obstruction syndrome
Drug-induced jaundiceDrug-induced jaundice
Drug-induced anemia